Here at Vino Roma, we want to acquaint you and Italian wines a little closer. It doesn’t matter if you already drink Italian wines. We’ll present the best examples of regions and varietals you might already know, and maybe even introduce you to new ones.

Our tastings are a refreshing break from the bustling life in Rome; you will experience a relaxing and friendly environment, in our wine studio dedicated to the tastings, with people like you.

We love drinking wine but not being snobbish about it. You will fall in love with us and choose better wines when you know a little bit more about them. Be it in restaurants or be it at your local wine shop, it will be a breeze to choose the right wine for every occasion. Not only will you feel more confident and comfortable choosing your wine, but you will also see how much more enjoyable it is to drink Italian wine when you know your Primitivo from your Refosco!

Since in Italy wine is tightly intertwined with food, we are also well versed in the local culinary customs and scene. For those who want to learn more about food culture in Rome, the local markets, and secret stores, we also offer walking food tours.

We do not take you from bar to bar.
But we do recommend you some good ones for the rest of your stay.

We do not just send you to a wine bar with a list of wines you will drink and let you ponder about them for yourself.

But you do learn so much during a tasting with Vino Roma that you will know how and what to order to meet your tastes when you go out the next time.

We do have our own location where you will always have your sommelier on your side to guide you through the wines.

We do not just let you drink some wines.

We do give you the key to understanding Italian wines and your taste so you can go on exploring on your own long after the tasting!