Vino Roma Events

“Best night in Rome. Our guide was knowledgeable and very educated. Learned way more than we ever imagined. We met amazing friends in our group and we discovered wines that we would have never tried. 100% recommend to anyone and everyone. Wonderful experience!”

– Meghan Kilkenny via Trip Advisor

“By far the best non-business experience of my business trip. I knew a little about wine; I learned a LOT more. Not only were the wines themselves carefully curated, but they were paired with the freshest and best of local ingredients. We sat comfortably around an elegantly-set table and had a great time learning.”

Neni via Trip Advisor

“This is my second visit to Vino Roma, after having been here a few years ago based on a friend’s suggestion. I wish I decided to return sooner! I really learned so much once again and it was just as fun as last time too, ended up meeting some nice people during our two hours together. I promise I will not wait so long for my third”

Monica Venturini via Trip Advisor