There’s nothing worse than visiting a business with a killer wine list only to find out there’s no one working that can help you navigate it or offer suggestions. That’s why, in addition to offering tastings and tours to individuals, VinoRoma offers a training program for restaurants and wine bars in order to train staff on everything from how to describe and recommend wines to customers to how to properly store and serve wine. Personnel will get hands-on experience on opening and pouring bottle correctly, blind-tasting bottles to help describe and identify wines, pairing wines with food, and more.

We also offer consultancy services for businesses anywhere in the world to help create and/or curate a wine list that properly reflects and accentuates your menu. We can help you find options at any price point that make your list stand out from the competition and can also assist in placing orders and keeping track of inventory.

If you’re interested in implementing training or our consultancy for your business, contact us at [email protected]